And the winner is…

I like GCN, GCN Tech and their sisters GMBN, EMBN and GTN. If you don’t know them, go here.

So there’s this item they do @GCN Tech where you don’t ride up grades, but buy upgrades (Merckx said the opposite).  You can win a cool workshop apron, so I sent in my BMC which I converted from a fitness bike to a drop bars gravel bike. And guess what, I won! 😉

GCN Tech Winner!

The start

Why I did this?  Bigger tyres, alu frame, carbon fork, standard bearings, BSA bracket, mud guards, disc brakes.  And all this at an affordable price.

Got the bike second hand and put about €600 of additional parts in it, not including the wheels.  The originals were ok, but you know, we all like a good set of wheels..

In the meantime, I have used it for commuting and riding lots of offroad and trails.  Even built several tubular cyclocross wheel sets for this bike!

Like it a lot.

BMC AlpenChallenge AC01


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