Gee, I’m a tree.

Comparing different geometries. Niner is perfect for offroading, feels very much like an XC MTB, short. BMC is more stretched and low, aerodynamic. The Chiner has to be somewhere in the middle. I’m looking for the 3T aeronova compact since it’s got that longer reach and a bit of flex and aero too. Not sure yet as I ordered the frameset with Thor’s monocoque aero handlebars. If those don’t work out on the Thor, they’ll go to the BMC.

BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 2015

Roadiest of my disc brake bikes.

GCN Tech Winner!

Niner RLT9 Steel 2016

Huge Fun!!  Super strong and versatile.


CycloCarbon Thor Gravel 2018

High expectations!


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