The Wahoo Elemnt BOLT

It’s small, light, has long battery life, buttons work in the rain, very clear display and the list goes on and on. Now it seems Wahoo also supports Linux and I don’t mean by the open source community, but they have clear instructions on their site. I had a garmin 1000 edge before. I know, right…

Lights Please

After 6 years of commuting, on and off-road, I think I have spent more money on lights than on cycling clothes and shoes. From cheap Chinese light-in-a-box helmet mounted ones that work very well to über-expensive CatEye external battery crap lights. The best compromise I found is an 80 euro USB rechargable, easy-detachable Trelock LS-950 with 6 levels of brightness and an lcd display to display its battery life.

This light comes with a fabric strap and a clip mechanism that pulls it to tension around the handlebars. Works great on round bars but not so well on my new monocoque aero bars on the Chiner.

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Tubular Road

1500g for the pair


Up until now, I could not see me change a tubular tyre by the side of the road, especially not on remote locations in the dark when raining.  The Challenge Strada Bianca open tubular has changed all that.  In fact, my brother and a colleague agree that any Challenge open tubular is going to be quite a challenge to mount on a rim, any rim, especially the first time.  Mounting them sucks, period.   So much in fact, it is easier to change a tubular road tyre.  (thank you ChallengeTech) Continue reading “Tubular Road”