Stan’s Race Sealant Works!

So I had preloaded my Veloflex Vlaanderen tubulars with the new Stan’s Race Sealant. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, since the sealant will clog up the valve stem when using the slightest bit of pressure, it is that good.

This morning after a wet cobblestone commute, I noticed a little bulge on the tyre when locking the bike in the parking at work. My first assumption was that I must have hit a sharp cobblestone with the sidewall and it had torn the protective coating. But it is the sealant that has fixed a puncture! Never noticed it. No noticable pressure drop anyway at minus 0.3 bars. No sealant sprayed all over my bike and legs. Just fixed the puncture. Very exciting.

Now I’ll keep riding these tubulars as long as I can. Only when the temperatures drop sub zero, I’ll be riding the Conti Winter contacts.

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