Tubulars work

The last 1000km I’ve been commuting on Veloflex tubular tyres. My typical commute is between 25 and 50 kilometers long, with a bit of everything, and for this test I even exaggerated that a little.

The goal was to see if tubulars were too much work compared to clinchers for commuting and we already know the ride is brilliant. I’ll start by saying that they change just as quickly as most clinchers. Took me about 20 minutes from stop to start, including taking pictures and walking up to a better lit area and away from traffic. It was dark, cold and wet: perfect conditions. The tyre got punctured/destroyed on a fast cobblestone descent where I would have had the same with just about any clincher. The same Tacx tyre levers I have been using for ages with clinchers, helped me pry off the old tyre. The pre-glued spare installed very easily and off I went. Can’t go full throttle, expecially in the corners, but the spare got me home just fine.
I’m not going to start commuting by default on tubulars now, but it’s ok if I want to without being all anxious about punctures.

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